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P.I.T. Federn GmbH

We are specialised in designing, manufacturing and repairing springs and shock-absorbers,
based on the liquid-spring-technology. Our products range up to a preload of 1.000 tons (10.000 kN).

Feel free to browse on our site. Should you have question, do not hesitate to contact us.

PIT elements absorb extremely high forces
on small confined space. Our elements can
be used as substitute for disk springs.
PIT elements currently operate in all
kinds of industrial environments.
We custom design springs according
to your requirements with initial
forces up to 10.000 kN.
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tension- & compression-springs

With the liquid-spring-technology, PIT designs and manufactures a tension- and compression-spring combined in one element. On the tension as well as the compression side different forces can be realized.


PIT shock-absorbing-elements store part of the incluced energy and release this energy in full in a controlled manner. Due to this technology, the movement of the mass not only is stopped, but the mass is fully pushed back into the initial zero position.

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